The Art Of The Locksmith

Most people spend the majority of their lives not considering in any way the role a locksmith could and should play in their life. For the majority of the population the use of a locksmith is generally limited to those random moments in life when a set of keys is locked inside a car, or we are unable to enter our house or place of business. In these cases a locksmith is called in a bid to gain entry to the vehicle or building using the skills of a 24 hr locksmith bethesda md to limit the damage and repair bills. In these cases we all hope the locksmith will have a quality training in the art of picking locks and be able to enter our vehicle or building with no damage.

The art of the locksmith is one that has been perfected over many centuries dating back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. Many people do not see the art in the trade of the locksmith, but centuries ago the art of creating a quality lock was something to be admired. In fact, King Louis XVI of France is reported to have been enthralled by the creation and workings of locks; so amazed by the workings of locks that Louis is criticized in some historical works for being more interested in building locks than in his wife Marie Antoinette. In Europe a requirement of entry into a locksmith’s guild and the awarding of the title master locksmith was the design and building of a unique lock and key system. As the competition to enter a locksmith guild in Middle Ages Europe grew the majority of the locks eventually made were ultimately worthless in terms of security, but were displayed publicly because of their beauty.

With the advent of technology the creation of unique lock and key systems is no longer required of locksmiths. Instead locksmiths now work in the computer based world of modern security systems, which can include the use of motion sensors and video equipment. Unlike in large scale DIY and hardware stores individual locksmiths can offer advice to customers on the types of locks and security systems they should be looking to install in their homes and businesses. To ensure new locks and security systems are properly installed locksmiths can handle all the installation of simple door locks through to large scale security systems. When most people wish to replace a lock locksmiths may be able to repair and maintain an existing lock reducing the amount of time and effort needed to install a new security system.